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Privacy Policy

Brandblast insures that all personal information being voluntarily submitted to us in the processing of your order (to be used for record and billing purposes, etc.), inclusive, but not limited to, credit card and other personal information, will be kept strictly confidential and used "solely" by Brandblast, its Authorized Representatives, and employees; for the strict purpose for which it was intended, and for the benefit of the subscriber.

We agree not to share, rent, sell, or release this information to any individual, entity, or third party, for any reason, without the specific written consent of the subscriber; with exception as required by Law, Regulation, or Governmental Authority.

Brandblast is committed to protecting and securing all subscriber provided information, through the use of firewalls and additional security measures in place at its physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of such information.

We Guarantee Our Services, Read Our Service Level Agreement.

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